Turkish cinema continues its steady growth with its unique language and successful examples.With the number of audiences it has reached and the international awards it has earned, the golden age of the Turkish cinema, plays an important role in the world cinema. In parallel to the changing in socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions,Turkish Cinema has entered a period of change especially after the 80's. With the number of spectators exceeding 50 million in 2016, it has reached the greatest number of the last 20 years.

Yazz Film was founded in 2010 by Producer, Scriptwriter and Writer Nur Türkşen and Actor, Producer Hakan Türkşen. Founded by a team that has undertaken the mission of introducing Turkish cinema to the world, the company continues to work to produce productions at international standards. Yazz film has produced two of their own feature films and is also promoting and selling nearly 50 Turkish films worldwide. In addition, they have internalized a mission to produce films and new productions at national and international standards, to become a Turkish Cultural Envoy around the world and to introduce Turkish cinema in world film festivals and film markets. Outside of Turkey, they have company branches in Los Angeles Hollywood (United States), which are dealing with the production, management and distribution business.